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Bangkok Ladyboys : Where to find beautiful Ladyboys in Bangkok

No website on Bangkok would be complete without mention of the stunning ladyboys in Bangkok. Bangkok has a huge concentration of Ladyboys.  Though certainly not unique to Thailand it has to be one of the most famous countries in the world for the phenomenon of transsexuals.

A ladyboy often referred to with the Thai slang term katoey, is not to be confused with a transvestite, the latter being men that simply dress in woman’s clothes and the former that undergoes extensive surgery and hormone enhancement to change sex from a man to a woman. If anybody claims to tell you that they can spot a ladyboy a mile off, in many cases they can, but in many cases it is also impossible to judge without a full medical examination.

The ladyboys are an attraction sought after by single men, couples  and also single women who come to Bangkok on their holidays. They command a premium price for this, higher than the girls in Bangkok and if you see some of the stunners you see why.

A stunning ladyboy walking in a Bangkok Street

Yes correct, thats a ladyboy, stunning yea!

Why are so many ladyboys in Thailand? Is there social acceptance?

Nobody has the definite answer to this question, a fair guess is that the mai pen rai (no problem) attitude of the Buddhist Thai people is a large part to do with it, though not all Thai people are as tolerant as you first may think. It took a long time in the west before gay people were accepted socially on a local level let alone on a national level, but in Thailand this is different. There are many famous ladyboy Thai boxers, TV stars and music stars in Thailand and a yearly lady boy beauty contest, Miss Tiffany’s.

3 ladyboys in Bangkok, the middle one is the most beautiful

3 ladyboys in Bangkok, the middle one is the most beautiful

Nong Tum is one of Thailand’s most famous ladyboys, who has recently had a film made about her kickboxing career called Beautiful Dancer. Also, an interesting note is that many ladyboys work in the sex trade and many a gay man will have their sex changed to become more available to foreign customers and in turn make a better profit.

A sexy smile from this ladyboy

A sexy smile from this ladyboy

Where you can spot a Bangkok Ladyboys

There are many ladyboys working on the streets around the famous Nana Plaza in Bangkok. You can spot them at Sukhumvit Soi 3 and Soi 5 (The Foodland area). Notice; The ladyboys working on the streets in Bangkok are never alone, more Ladyboys can be observing you and be carefull, they can be very good pickpockets (not all of them).

Getting his arms around a Bangkok Ladyboy

Getting his arms around a Bangkok Ladyboy

The best places to go to meet Bangkok Ladyboys

The following is a small list of 5  clubs and bars in Bangkok that have ladyboys in abundance and in all their glory!

Nana Plaza and Soi 4

Carnival Go Go Bar : Carnival is one of the largest bars in Nana Plaza situated on the third floor next door to Cascade. The bar features two rotating carousels, one on top of the other, on which the ‘girls’ dance. Carnival is a ladyboy only gogo bar.

Casanova Go Go Bar:  Casanova Nana Plaza Bangkok is a ladyboy bar located on the 2nd floor in the far left hand corner. It was one of the first exclusively ladyboy bars in Bangkok and the first in Nana Plaza. The

Casanova Ladyboy go go bar in Bangkok

Casanova A Go Go

signage is not overly obvious but its hard to miss as it is the only bar with a traditional front door style entrance. You don’t knock, you just walk in. Compared to the other four ladyboys bars the girls (boys) in Casanova can be very aggressive for both drinks and for bar fines so it’s not really for the newbie or the feint hearted. If you are new to this scene you are better off trying Obsession or Cascade where the girls are still pushy but markedly less aggressive.

Where Casanova does score is that you are usually approached by only one girl at a time whereas in the other lady boy bars you are often surrounded. If you are approached but like another girl you can cal the other girl over and the first will usually leave. It can also appear to be a bit of a freak show compared to others with at least one or two who look like male drag queens rather than the beauties seen elsewhere.

cascade ladyboy go go bar in bangkok

Cascade A Go Go

Cascade Go Go Bar: Cascade is a ladboy bar and is located on the 3rd (top) floor of the plaza at the far end. It occupies the entire far end and is one of the largest bars

in Nana. There are usually around 40 girls dancing, probaly the most of the five ladyboy bars in Nana and indeed in the whole of Bangkok. It is the most comfortable, in that it is a large seating area so you can kick back and just watch from afar, or do anything else you want. You are welcomed upon entry but they really are steering you to a good sitting area, and trying to get your attention.

Obsession Go Go Bar : Obsession is the most popular, and best laid out, of the Ladyboy (Katoey) Gogo Bars in Nana Plaza. It is located on the ground floor in the far right corner.

obsession ladyboy go go bar in bangkok

Obsession A Go Go

Review of Obsession – “Of all the LB bars in NEP, this is the one I like the most. The girls are not pushy in that when you enter you are not swarmed immediately. Instead they stand infront of you and try to get your attention and to get you to choose them. Alot better then the other bars where they just grab you and sit next to you asking for drinks. The clientele seems to be mainly Japanese so I guess the Mama has a policy for the girls to be polite. The girls are pretty and look female. If you want the Amazon types Obessions BKK is not the place for you. Note the owners of Obsessions also owns Cascades, G-Spot (some post-ops there), another LB bar next to Cascades plus 4 beer bars all in NEP.

temptations ladyboy go go bar in bangkok

Temptations A Go Go

Temptations Go Go Bar : Temptations Nana Plaza Bangkok is a ladyboy gogo bar. Its is one of the five ladyboy bars in Nana Plaza. Temptations is located on the second floor next to Rainbow 4.

Enjoy your Bangkok Ladyboys experience!!!!

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