Thai University Uniforms

Thai University Uniforms Voted the

sexiest in the World!!

Yes its true, contrary to the image of Thailand as a conservative society, or at least in the eyes of the Thai government, it’s now been announced via an online poll that Thai University uniforms worn by the lovely Thai girls are the sexiest University Uniforms in the world.

I think Thailand was attempting to avoid this very fact to the outside world when in 2009 the Chulalongkorn University and Thammasat University called on the government to organise a ‘soical cabinet’ which would have tackled the issue of short skirts worn by the students. However this did not really materialize and the trend has continued right up until today.

The Japanese websites Rocket News and Livedoor have officially labelled the uniforms the sexiest in the world after conducting online polls to their 1000′s of readers. In response to this the then Deputy Education minister Chaiyos Jiramethakorn was quoted in the Thai language daily Naew Na last week saying that universities should crack down on revealing outfits. He said the ministry will summon educators to discuss the problem and work out policies to tackle the issue.

In Thailand educators and moral welfare guardians rally against the habit of young women shortening the skirts – which are intended to be worn at knee-length – to the point where sitting demurely in public must be a challenge. The starched white shirts, which are adorned with signature campus pins, are frequently so many sizes too small in the bust that they seem to challenge the strength of both fabric and buttons.

Perhaps these educators and government ministers should remind themselves that these are not children but young adults at University. The Ministry of Education has more important issues to deal with in Thailand than uniforms! Ministry and educators alike need to look at the content and methodology of what is being taught in the universities (including the “Top-tier”). The Thai education system is draconian to say the least. Students are not challenged to think, just parrot and “graduate”. Wake up Thailand! Education is your future and apparently the old guard who watches over the system is more concerned with looks than results.

Thai students have for years said they dress the way they do precisely because they see the uniform as a rule from an earlier time and they just want to appear stylish and young.

Instead of spending so much time on the length/tightness of students’ skirts or the tightness of their blouses, Thai educators should focus more on helping their students to learn how to think, to analyze, to question.

Research by the Office of Basic Education Commission, Ministry of Education, shows that the longer Thai children stay in school, the worse their achievement scores in core subjects become. Many international surveys show that Thai students are falling behind their counterparts in other Asian countries in core subjects. Our whole approach to education needs revamping, yet government after government dares not do the top-to-bottom reform needed.

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