Thailand Detox Resorts

Thailand has become a popular location in South East Asia for wellness, health and detox retreats and in particular Phuket seems to have slowly become the hub of the most respected wellness centres that offer a wide range of health programs.

The most popular program presently appears to be the detox retreats that seem to be springing up just about everywhere. In Thailand its grown rapidly into not just a health benefits program but an additional way for hotels and resorts to get some extra revenue. Its even extended to the popular sport of Muay Thai with many training camps now offering a detox program as an add on to a residential boxing training stay.

Wading through the resorts and establishements that offer detox and health retreat services can be challenging, finding the one that suits you and your persoanl obectives can be difficult.

One venue however that seems to stand out among all the others in Phuket, Thailand is ‘Senses

What makes Senses Detox Thailand appear so special?

We went along to visit and its probably the most unique and magical experience that you can imagine within the confines of a health program. Set onboard the Senses cruiser we spent a glourious and serene 4 days and nights. It classes itself as a light introduction to a whole body and soul detox experience.

I have to say we got that from our stay but so much more. Being on board you are faced with natures elements ie the sun, sea and sea air constantly and this alone has enormous benefits that were utilised by Senses in the delivery of the detox program.

Senses Thailand Detox

For instance, the light exercise regimes were in general carried out on kayaks, exploring beautiful deserted islands and the shores around them. Instead of taking a shower which when detoxing is a regular occurrence daily then we would just jump in the ocean which was always warm, clear and teaming with tropical fish!

Yoga in the morning was carried out at sunrise on the Senses cruiser top deck and was just about the most spiritual experience I have ever had. In addition to this was the after care program that Senses have in place. This proved to be a truly personalised service, not just a health information pack. Access to the client end of the website was given and there we were able to get plenty of advice and guidance from the Senses professional on our ongoing journey into a healthy life.

Senses turned out to be a life changing experience for us and I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in cleansing their body, opening their mind and commencing a new and healthy step in their personal lives. There are many Thailand Detox establishments around but Senses was the one we chose and were very happy with.