Thailand Hen Party Ideas


Yes its time to arrange your pre wedding party, the infamous and once in a lifetime Hen bash! But where to go?

Hens party special the works

If your looking for Hen party ideas then have a serious thought on moving the party to Thailand to create an epic and legendary event that will go down in time as the most spectacular hen party ever attended by any of your friends or family!

Where in Thailand is the best option? Of course there are a few, such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Samui or Phuket.

Lets take a look, ok so Bangkok, its famed for its nightlife but not much else. What is there to do in the day, plenty of cultural attractions but not really the sort that you would assosiate with a hen party!

Pattaya? no forget that, its a hole enough said.

Samui, lovely island location but not a great deal to do, so it really only has one contender, Phuket the party hotspot of Asia for your once in a lifetime Hen Party. Visit these guys Phuket Hen Party for some great ideas and packages!