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Redang - Sun, sand and more

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

During these times when travelling even within the city that you live in is a luxury, we actually managed to go to the very beautiful Redang islands in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Taaras resort owned by the Malaysian Berjaya group is one of the top places to stay in Redang and this was our second time at the resort, the first visit was back in 2015. The resort though a little run-down, still maintains its charm which primarily comes from the beautiful beach that it sits upon

Redang is a very well-known snorkeling/diving destination with plenty of coral reefs and fish to feast your eyes upon. Diving and snorkeling trips can be easily arranged, we recommend bringing your own gear though as much as possible, as it makes the whole experience a lot better

Taaras has decent dining options to choose from - with 3 different restaurants - a beach bar, a formal dining setting and a buffet restaurant where they also serve the breakfast. Accommodation varies with a few different room types available - we stayed at the Ocean front suite which is as close to the beach as it gets

This time around we booked the fly away package available through their website and though the onward flight on Berjaya Air was cancelled, we got to take it on the return - and were pleasantly surprised by how much travel time is reduced- as you get to fly out of the island straight- without the hassle of taking a boat to the jetty- getting to Merang and then taking a flight form the K.Terranganu airport, which is what we did on our onward journey. Check out some of our pictures here.

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